Not another drama filled dialysis day.

I honestly think that we could really do an hour long drama on ABC about a dialysis clinic, because between the turkeys and the hateful co-workers and the crazy ass things patients say, we have a damn good drama.

Today was really no exception.  It is my fourth day out of five and I am very very tired. 

We have this patient that is rather, um, difficult, she has had a lot of bad things happen to her.  Loss of job, loss of a significant relationship, cancer, and kidney failure.  She is rather concerned about her treatment which is understandable, she is also very needy.  I have to take her temperature every 20 minutes because she doesn’t want to “catch a fever”, okay, we take your temp at the beginning and the end, if it’s adbnormal we check it during. 

Ok I can live with this, what I can’t stand is her constant annoying passive aggessive chatter.  We have a policy that family member can not sit on the staff’s rolly chairs, they sit in a stable four legged chair, this is for safety reasons.  She constantly tells her family they don’t have to and makes them go into our nurses station and grab a rolley chair.

We also have the policy that when putting on and taking off a catheter, the family must step out of the room and all people in the general area must have on a surgical mask.  It’s a central line to the heart, okay, so we wear a mask.

She, first of all, refuses to wear the mask, she covers her mouth with her hand and has the habit of touching the exit site of her cath with her hand! She also refuses to let her family members go outside, ok, we can deal with that, please step back and hang out about ten feet away.  No, that doesn’t do it either, she has them cover their mouth with their hand!

Oy vey!

Guess how many cath infections she has gotten since she has been here?


Guess who she blames for this?


You can’t force a patient to wear a mask, we can strongly encourage, but we can’t force.

She is also being trained at our PD center down the hall for well PD (another form of dialysis, not hemo) and they have taken over her care, meaning we no longer draw labs or change anything, that is their responsibility.

Well apparently the PD center dropped the ball and didn’t draw their monthly labs or didn’t communicate to us her labs. 

Well she was furious.  And Nurse R was our charge nurse, she was on her fifth ten hour day and hanging on by starbucks and awesome hair.

The Patient started screaming, carrying on, practically on the floor kicking her little legs and telling us and all the patients what an awful clinic we were.

I was done.  All she has ever said to us was what we weren’t doing and how we weren’t making her life better by catering to her every need and whim. 

Nurse R and I stood in front of her and kindly waited for her temper tantrum to finish and calmly explained that we would both get on the phone and find her labs and call her back when we get them.

She stomped out and Nurse R and I looked at each other.

Some people.

Meanwhile the little old lady who looks like death in the corner never has one complaint even though she frequently feels like shit.

I know the patient before has a lot of bad things, and I know she is just frustrated, but damn.


~ by Kim on May 23, 2008.

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