That’s freakin weird….

I stole a meme from Fat Doctor because she stole it from someone else….and because I woke up this morning in a somewhat cheery mood…go figure.


1. When I “pop” syringes at work (taking them out of their protective shell) I line them up so they all fit and are in a straight line.  I get very nervous if they are not perfect.  Yes I know, I have OCD–CDO, okay now I feel better.

2. I name all my wordly possessions.  My Jeep is named Hanz, my Ipod is named Harold and the TV is named Duke.  I don’t know why I just do.

3. I get a kick out of digging out ear wax with a Q-tip from my own ears. 

4. I sing myself to sleep at night, in my head.

5. I color coordinate everything, my closet is lined up by color which is alphabetical.

6.  The pup has a heart murmur grade 4, I listen to it everyday with my steth, it’s fascinating.


~ by Kim on May 19, 2008.

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