Open letter to the person who stole my wallet

Good afternoon!

How are you?  Oh not so great, huh? Jail not as comfy as you thought?  Prison Orange doesn’t go with your skin color?  So Sorry.

By the way, thank you so much for wiping out my entire checking account in two days, thanks for forging my signature on the checks you wrote to Food Max, Blockbuster, Raley’s and the Quickie Mart a few blocks away from my house.  Oh and the debit card charges for over 400 dollars for gas…you must have a lot of friends, because I am not sure how else one could rack up a 400 dollar gas bill.  Sigh.  Hope those friends visit you in jail.

Oh course, how could I complain?  Gas is very expensive where we live, and the cost of food is going up.  But thanks again for stealing my wallet and spending all my money that I actually worked for.  It’s nice to know that you were stupid enough to shop at places that had survelliance cameras and the fact that you had already done this before and been caught before too.  So, really you shouldn’t have been surprised when the police came knocking, right?

Can anyone say “deportation” cause that’s what your getting.  Deported back to where ever you came from.  Of course I get doubly screwed because not only did you take my favorite wallet (which I will never get back) but I now will have to pay for your deportation with my tax dollars.

So thanks again for coming to America and stealing my wallet.  So sorry it didn’t work out the way you had hoped.  Fraud can be tricky. 

Thanks so much,




~ by Kim on May 19, 2008.

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