Anatomy of a Dialysis Clinic

So, I thought I’d start a little sigment I’d like to refer to as Anatomy of a Dialysis Clinic 


 Dialysis is at times an unknown entity for healthcare professionals and patients alike.  So for the next few weeks I will post occasionally about the vital aspects of a dialysis clinic. 

My first installment will be about Heparin.  Since everyone seems to be up in arms about it, might as well hit it up.

You have all been warned!




~ by Kim on May 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Anatomy of a Dialysis Clinic”

  1. My Dad just started dialysis. I’ll be taking him on Fridays. He says that the nurses and techs have made the experience less scary.

  2. That’s great! Dialysis can be a really scary thing for new patients. I hope he starts feeling better soon and getting into the routine!

  3. Good idea. Just a few suggestions… Personally I’d like to know what your typical day looks like. …. Then a typical day that the patient has. Basically what they go though from the time they walk in, until they leave.

  4. That’s a good idea, it will be my next one, a typical day, although there really are no typical days.

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