Can someone please tell me…

Why every freaking dialysis clinic is either a chilly 57 degrees or a balmy 87 degrees?  Are all of the dialysis clinics in freakin California in on some deal to mess with staff and patients?

It’s either so freakin cold that you sit in your tiny lab coat shivering or hot enough to sweat through it.




~ by Kim on May 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Can someone please tell me…”

  1. I know that when I worked a particular nursing home it was like that. I was on the night shift, and asked my Change Nurse if she could turn the heat down a bit. It felt like 85 degrees. She said that she couldn’t it was locked, and automatic. It estimated the usual temperature for that day from passed years, and heated accordingly. It was suppose to save money. Meanwhile the clients were hot and cranky, and the staff was sweeting. Not very efficient if you ask me.

  2. Today it was about 82 degrees in the clinic…steam was rolling off of us, miserable!!

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