Part of me wonders if perhaps I allow myself to be put in weird situations.

Like for example taking a job at Podunk Dialysis Clinic.  It’s flippin out in the middle of nowhere.

And they have posters like this hanging everywhere:

I actually mean everywhere, like the bathroom, lab room, treatment room, patient bathroom and most important the breakroom.  All the freakin posters have inspirational messages.  Which freakin annoy the hell out of me. 

Then there are moments that make me wonder how the hell this can go on.

Like on my first day at Podunk when I walked in and was greeted by rows of windows that at first glance was kind of nice, you know look outside, see the sunshine.  But upon closer inspection I noticed tiny little holes that looked suspiciously like bullet holes. (Not a picture of said bullet holes, just an example.)

The kicker was the fact that Bio-med had “fixed” the holey problem by placing duct tape over the said bullet entry marks. 

Duct Tape.

No, we don’t actually replace the gunshot ridden glass we just duct tape over it.  WTF?

As the weeks progressed at my time at Podunk, I witnessed something else pretty country like. 

Like the boys that live across the street from the clinic who decided it was a fabulous idea to set their trash can on fire.  Yes, their trash can.  On fire. 

The can o’fire got a tad out of control and so those smarty-pants boys ran over to borrow our fire extinguisher, since, go figure, they didn’t have one of their own.

A neighbor must have called 911 because, oh I dunno, the flames were about six feet high and the stupid ass boys ran in the house when the Fire Department came a knockin about the, oh, ON FIRE GARBAGE CAN.

We then had to tell the firemen what happened while they extinguished it.  And then they gave us back our exhausted fire extinguisher, which we promotely set by the bullet holed windows.  Personally I think the two are connected.

Oh don’t forget the random deers that shoot across the roadway while those crazy ass transportation people drive and text.


I have never been more thankful to go back to my “home” clinic then ever before. 

I know this sounds bad but if the staff are missing more teeth then the patients…we have a problem.


~ by Kim on May 6, 2008.

One Response to “Podunk”

  1. Welcome to hicksville!

    In a hospital that I worked at occasionally. They had paperwork on the walls of the restroom. Like a list of ways to conduct yourself with visitors. Reminders of when things are due. I found it highly annoying, and very intrusive. It was the rest room for God sakes. Let us pee in peace!

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