My dog peed on my foot and surprisingly this was not the worst moment in my day.

We have this new tech, new tech as in newly trained.  He believes he knows everything there is know about dialysis.  When another nurse or tech will ask me a question he butts in with somewhat of an answer, most of the time he is correct.  We used to be friends and maybe its me, maybe he’s changed roles and it’s hard for me to handle it, but as of now, I just want to shake him.

Take for example this morning when I was drawing up heparin.  I wrap my labels sideways along the cc markings so that none are hidden and the label is clearly read.  He wraps them around the syringe.  Both of our ways are fine, no big deal right.  He then tells me I’m doing it wrong.  I am going to kill him.

I told him that I have been doing this job long enough to know what I am doing.  He then proceeds to mock me in front of the rest of the staff.  He’s a couple years younger then me and thinks he’s tough shit because he’s making 30 grand a year.  I swear by the end of my time here I am going to pummel him.

I guess he’s just immature.  Whatever, I’m going to sushi.


~ by Kim on May 2, 2008.

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