On my soapbox

Due to my move to Seattle in a few months, I have been researching a lot of dialysis companies, since the one I am currently employed with has yet to travel north. I have read up on “for profit” companies and one non-profit company. Apparently, there is not to many non-profit dialysis companies, which I completely understand.

I, currently, work for a non-profit company, we make our money in the research department and in our glorious lab (who is wonderful to outside companies, sucky to our own). BDC seems to be concerned about the patients more then making the money (since we have our other money makers). I mean this isn’t Oprah’s Big Give or anything but compared to some other for profit clinics I have worked at, BDC is leaps and bounds ahead.

So when forced to switch companies due to a move, I have become concerned with who I might be aligned with. I am offered three companies, two of which are profit orientated and another is not. I have at this moment only applied to the non-profit one in hopes I would be hired on the spot for my pretty cover letter, awesome resume and many, many certifications (okay two).

I guess you can say I am being a snob. I really, really do not wish to work for the other two companies, I do not like their philosophy, the way the media portrays them and they way I have been treated while per diem employed there. I would much rather work for a place that wasn’t concerned about the way their website looked to the public but rather concerned about finding new ways to help dialysis patients live with their new lifestyle.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox, of course ask me when the clinic of my dreams never calls me back and I am a slave for the industry.


p.s. Kim knows that one day, as a nurse, I will not be working for a non-profit hospital and be showered in shares of said companies stock…but until then my semi-jaded self will imagine a healthcare world of puppies and rainbows and clinical managers who do not care about the bottom line but instead the patients…now I will laugh hysterically at my extremely long run-on sentence and because I just made a funny.


~ by Kim on April 29, 2008.

One Response to “On my soapbox”

  1. Dude, I am at Northwest Kidney Centers, and they are the non profit game in town. Practically the only game in town, in fact. I really like the people in my unit, Haviland Center PCU. But when I was in Maine I used Fresenius, and have found them to be very good to work with, as well. I have no idea about Davita.

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