New outfit

Can you say “hotness”, oh yeah baby, who doesn’t love purple?

Oh yeah, I don’t.

Here is my new nursing school outift. And my sweet new pink trauma shears.

Oh yes I am ready for nursing school.  I am just waiting on my stethoscope which should be coming sometime next week…yeah I ordered it online (shameless plug coming in five…four…three…two…oh pay me money…. AllHeart has great deals for Steths.) 

I so cannot wait to start. 

Oh in other news I have applied to a few dialysis clinics up in Seattle.  One company I am really hoping calls me back, they seem very patient orientated unlike my other option.  So I am crossing my fingers and really hoping it happens for me. 


~ by Kim on April 29, 2008.

One Response to “New outfit”

  1. Woo woo! Purple passion. I love uniforms. I had to wear one at Bible College, and sometimes didn’t take it off until I went to bed. I can’t always do the same with my work uniform because of the M.O.s, the nasty bugs. But I occasionally go shopping in them, if I didn’t take care of a client on precautions.

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