Week in review

This week has been a bit insane.  my days off were filled with inservices and staff meetings and homework and trying to find the right color purple scrubs for nursing school.  (Yes I know I can purchase them from the campus bookstore, but I’m trying to save money) and I also went looking for a stethoscope.  I already have one, for my current job, but it sucks and I am pretty sure the boss lady will not let me take it with me to Washington.

So I have a few options, all of which are extremely expensive, but ya know, I need one.  Just need to decide what color…maroon?  Or Blue? 

Any suggestions?

I also better start liking the color purple, because that is the scrub color I will be wearing for the next four years.  Who wants to take bets I will never wear a purple scrub once I graduate?  I say odds are good.

 I took the pup on a long walk this morning through my ghetto neighborhood to the local Starbucks, got my unsweetened black tea lemonade then proceeded to run straight into a co-worker…exchanged pleasantries, met their odd spouse and continued on my way.  

Pup is doing great with training, she sits everytime we stop for a light, but still has the body wiggles and dashes towards whoever may make eye contact with her.  We’re working on it.

Work wise, it was a rough week, working four days in a row tends to wear on my nerves a bit and by the fourth twelve hour shift I am ready to take out a few co-workers.  We had some hillarious patients, as usual, and some who weren’t so nice.  I also had a lot of opportunities to teach, which is what I enjoy the most.  The patients seem to be more open to the techs then they are to the nurses, which surprises me really, I am the one that wields a large needle. 

For whatever reason, they seem to be asking me the questions while I tend to their needle sites, which really makes me feel better.  One even said they are really going to miss me for my humor, for my colorful scrubs and for the very fact that I seem to listen to them.  That right there made me realize I am going to be a good nurse.

I am going to miss them, the patients, sometimes they can be real knee slappers.




~ by Kim on April 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Week in review”

  1. Maroon, or blue? I don’t know what to tell you. But I would label it right away. It seems like people are always misplacing them.

    That’s good feedback from the patients! Sounds like your doing well.

  2. Yeah, I know about misplacing them, we’ve have been warned that people “walk away with them”. I chose red in case you were wondering, I like red.

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