We had a inservice at a fancy-smancy restaurant last night given by a UC Davis Nephrologist who used to be the primo nephrologist at the local Hospital. 

He showed us some pretty awesome pictures and that just tickled me to no end.  I don’t know what it is about open wounds that really make me giddy but I like them.  Do not ask me why.  Perhaps I need counciling.  But I have never had more fun then looking and hearing about them.

But I have a question, calciphylexis, just doesn’t appear over night, it comes in stages and I would assume be something to be concerned about if I saw it on my thighs or abdomen.  So, huh, why don’t our patients say anything about it.  I mean if I had this growing on my thighs….

I’d say something to the tech, nurse, doc that even glances at me. 

So, I guess I really do not have a question, I instead have more of a thought.  Most dialysis patients come three times a week and most have a hard time taking their phospherous binders, and most don’t follow their diets.  So, along with other questions we were trained to ask, why not add, “so do you notice any open wounds lately?”  It might help.

Or the patients might just look at me like I have a third eye and a horn growing out of my forehead and ignore me like usual.  But at least I won’t have a guilty conscious. 


~ by Kim on April 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Calciphylexis”

  1. Ek! I can barely look at this picture. But if wounds tickle you, then nursing might be your calling. However, you might want to consider getting therapy too.

  2. Yeah, everyone agrees I might be a good wound nurse and therapy is probably in order, good thing I already got that covered.

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