Oh no you didn’t!

I got a phone call at 0630 this morning from the office administrator.  It went something like this:

OA: “you did not ‘x’ any of the boxes.”

Me: “wha?  what time is it?”

OA: “you only checked the boxes, you have to x them.”

Me: “what?”

OA: “You didn’t get the memo? It’s unit policy that you make a ‘x’ mark in all the appropriate boxes.  You’ll have to come in and fix these today.”


First it’s my day off and I am sure as hell not going to stroll into work to x the boxes.  I appropriately checked all the boxes that needed to be.  Xing them won’t make any difference.  And really 0630 am? For that?


~ by Kim on April 3, 2008.

One Response to “Oh no you didn’t!”

  1. Oh, that’s funny. Maybe you shouldn’t answer the phone on your day off. ;o)

    I saw your comment on “Forging Iron Man”, and thought I’d stop by. I’m a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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