Love Long Distance Style

 Every day J and I send each other a picture of something about our day.  Like after my day at work with the code, I sent him a picture of what the floor looked like after, with wads of paper, cut linen and  masks scattered everywhere.  It was the only way I could express how I felt.   

Later that night I sent him a picture of the sunset as I drove home which made the code picture a little less harsh. He sends me pictures of Seattle and the plant I made him buy for his deck and houses he thinks would be perfect for “us” when I move up there. 

He makes it a habit of sending me pictures of gnomes because he knows I like them and I cherish every text message I get from him. Sometimes it hurts to get them and know I can’t be with him. It, well, sucks that every encounter we have has to be pre-planned. I simply cannot wait to be with him full time, not this part-time crap.


Sometimes I sicken myself, I could just imagine how my friends feel when I gush about him. 


~ by Kim on March 24, 2008.

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