Wild Turkey

So without revealing too much about myself (that could be tracked by employers and more importantly employees) we had a little incident involving wild turkey’s.

Not the liquor, although I am sure it would have helped.

One of dialysis clinics I work at and fondly refer to as Costco because we have 48 chairs and basically as crazy busy as one, has wild turkeys that run the streets and scare the shit out of employees who like to enjoy their lunch (cough…smoke) in the trees behind the building.

Well apparently last week one of the turkey hens got a little confused and shattered one of our floor to ceiling windows that overlook the road and some fields. Glass flew everywhere, striking one of the employees on neck and hands, she fortunately had on her PPE so her face and eyes were saved from glass.

No patients were harmed although I believe some of the remarked that this was the most exciting day they had at dialysis in years.

I guess that’s good.

I still can’t wait to read the incident report on that one.

And we even managed to hit the local paper.

And people say Dialysis is boring.


~ by Kim on March 21, 2008.

One Response to “Wild Turkey”

  1. […] that we could really do an hour long drama on ABC about a dialysis clinic, because between the turkeys and the hateful co-workers and the crazy ass things patients say, we have a damn good […]

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