I’m really, really tired

I worked up at Podunk Dialysis Clinic today, about two hours away from home, down a windy road in the middle of the night. 

And I am tired. 

We were short staffed, overbooked and basically I ran around all day trying to keep up with the computer system I was never taught, the patients I had never seen before and the male nurse that irritated the shit out of me, with all his pompous remarks.   

Don’t get me started.

You, Mr. Male Nurse with a Girl’s Name, did not invent PD dialysis, in fact I’m fairly positive you weren’t the first to think it up in your county either.  It’s been around awhile, so while you try to impress me by telling me you brought it to Podunk you aren’t fooling anyone.  

In fact you just look like a fool.I’m tired, I’m whinny and I really do not feel like waking up at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow to go to a stupid meeting for my full-time job. I know the proper technique to cannulate a fistula and graft and even though in the big bad state of California we are not allowed, I can even hook up a catheter while using the aseptic technique.

Grrr…and most of all I miss my Mr. J, I really wish we could live closer together, be together. Honestly, all I really want is to see his face everyday, and hug him instead of read a text message or call him. Even video IMing isn’t doing it for me anymore.

See, I am whinny.


~ by Kim on March 20, 2008.

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