Why I’d make an awesome…oh who cares

I’m tired.  I’ve been in flying around the country for the fast four days, and now all I want to do is lay down and go to sleep…yawn.  So I took the BONENT exam yesterday in Vegas and I either passed it or failed it, I really think it can go either way.  

I still can’t bring myself to look up the questions I didn’t know cause frankly I think there may be more of them then the ones I did know.


Oh well. 

Other then that Vegas was pretty awesome, J (boyfriend) and I had a great time, we spent a lot of time talking and cherishing in the fact that we could be a couple together instead of 900 miles apart.  It was nice and comforting and felt easy, we didn’t have to be anything but ourselves. So today we’re just going to lounge around, perhaps take the pup on a walk, of course after I go into work and tell The Boss about the test (her request) and turn in some paperwork…I really wish I could just leave the Big Bad Dialysis Clinic.  


~ by Kim on March 18, 2008.

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