The wonderful world of Dialysis….

So I’ve been looking and frankly there are no blogs about Dialysis, okay so a few from patient point of view, but none really from a healthcare point of view.   So this blog is a bit about a Big Dialysis Company that shall remain nameless, some patients who may or may not exist, according to HIPPA, and a bit about me and my adventures in the world of Dialysis and nursing school.. yep that’s right, U Dub in the fall.  So here is a bit about me: Twenty something female Dialysis tech living in Somewhere, California who just got excepted at a huge private University (U Dub).  I have a boyfriend who I love more each and every day, a dog and a cat, and a whole lotta drama, which I may or may not have a part in, it kind of all depends on who you ask. 


~ by Kim on March 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “The wonderful world of Dialysis….”

  1. With the use of MRI technology on the rise, the chance of patient with some form of kidney disease receiving an MRI is more and more likely.

    Often to enhance the images received from an MRI reading, a physician will ask for an MRI ‘with contrast’ and you’re likely to receive the gadolinium contrast dye, Omniscan. This course of action could be fatal, and the very least, extremely painful and costly, for patients suffering from kidney disease.

    Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis: The symptoms are gut-wrenching and blood-curdling to describe, and even to read: yellowing of the eyes and a contraction of the skin to the point where a sufferer is literally frozen in place, a terminal condition.

    Your physician may not be aware of this disease. Tell him or her to read this …

  2. Yeah I already know about this…and so does our doctors…it’s basically just a tactic to scare people into suing…you have to weigh the risks….kidney cancer untreated or possible kidney damage with use of dye? Hmmmm….I’d rather risk it and take the *chance* of kidney damage with the dye

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