Curly Haired Boy

I usually do not talk much about Curly Haired Boy, he’s the guy I’ve been dating who had harbored a secret crush on me for about the five years I have known him.  He’s basically the best guy I have ever met and has always been there for me when the bad boy decisions reared their ugly head and I was left heartbroken, my Boy was always there just an arm’s length away. Now that we are together (living 900 miles apart, because he settled in Seattle sooner then I did) I am in more awe of just how wonderful he truly is.  

I have tried to remain drama free for the most part but lately I have felt it rising, perhaps it is working too much or the stress of the BONENT exam or the whole moving states away and trying to find the money or perhaps it’s the small thing that I am now the co-guardian of three children under three.   I have four siblings, a total of five including me, and all of them (except me) have some sort of addiction.  Be it, drugs, alcohol or in my sister’s case heroin.  She has four children, one of which was taken away from her when he was three, he’s almost twelve now and still not back home with her.   She had three others, two girls and a little boy ranging from three years old to two months.  

My sister went off the deep end and started using again, cops got involved, social workers got involved, records were pulled and because of her past it’s rehab and kid’s off to appropriate guardians.  i.e. me…and her mother.  Not my mother since my sister is from my father’s previous marriage.  Since I am basically the only responsible relative….and that’s a stretch…I have gained partial guardianship over her three children.  And I have to fly them here since I can’t live in South Carolina. 

So in comes Mr. Wonderful, my curly haired boy who volunteered to leave two days early for our Vegas trip to come with me to South Carolina and bring home the kiddies.  He didn’t have to and he for sure has the best alibi by living 14 hours away.  But no, he put on his suit of armor and packed some earplugs and damn straight he’s coming to save the day. I love him, I really really do. Okay, I need to sleep, cause I got twelve hours of work tomorrow and a six hour flight ahead of me right after that.  Over and out.  


~ by Kim on March 14, 2008.

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